Drop-In Cooktop, Stainless Steel, Electric 12V (Dometic)


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The Dometic Drop-In Cooktop makes a great addition to any mobile living space, truck camper, or outdoor kitchen. With two burners, multiple ignition types and an optional cast iron or flat wire grate. Enjoy the comfort of hot meals, wherever you are! The Dometic Drop-In cooktop has a powerful 7,200 and 5,200 BTU burners, allowing you to prepare a main dish and side dish simultaneously with ease. The recessed control panel and burner knobs are easy to use and allow you to cook with precision. The one-piece surface ensures a cleaner cooking area. Optional dark glass or steel covers with wind guards both protect your cooktop and increase work space when the cooktop is not in use. It’s the ideal cooking companion, wherever you are!

  • Linear flow gas valves allow you to cook with precision.
  • One-piece surface and sealed burners ensure a cleaner cooking area.
  • The 7,200 BTU burner offers plenty of power for cooking all types of food.
  • The 5,200 BTU burner is perfect for preparing your side dishes simultaneously.
  • Optional glass or steel cover adds works space when the cooktop is not in use.
  • Part of Dometic’s Signature Suite of Kitchen Appliances.
  • HIGH OUTPUT: Large sealed burner head with aluminum cap.
  • WITHIN EASY REACH: Porcelain cooking surface with recessed knobs and Piezo ignition.
  • MORE SPACE FOR COOKING: Recessed design with full width one-piece grates.
  • Glass cover provides an attractive enclosing option, while cooktop is not in use.
  • Aesthetic appeal provides a great look to your interior RV kitchen.
  • Keeps the inner cooktop enclosed while showing friends your beautiful kitchen.
  • Part of Dometic’s signature suite of kitchen appliances.
  • Glass cover included

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Weight 5443,1 g
Dimensions 53 × 45 × 13 cm

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