Lightweight Lateral Ladder Remora co.


The side ladders for the Modular Roof Rack Series offer a lightweight, mechanically assembled construction and height-adjustable installation capability for universal accessibility. Weighing in at just 14 lbs and designed to support over 250 lbs of weight / step. The ladders offer one of the best “stiffness / weight” ratios on the market. We cannot say it enough; “Saving weight is saving gas”. Designed, engineered and manufactured to last a lifetime. Made in North America.

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Manufactured entirely in aluminum. Extremely light. From 10 to 15 lbs depending on the width and length of the ladder. Rubberized paint applied to the underside to prevent pitting off-road rocks, standard. The lightweight ladders perfectly reflect the shape of the body, extending far enough for comfortable use and close enough for stress-free adventures in tight spaces. Adjustable step height, for universal accessibility and optimized comfort. Replaceable steps and components.


Compatible with the Remora co rack. Modular roof rack series only. Mounts to the top of the rack, and bolts through the vehicle’s “pinch-weld” lower body. Compatible with Remora co. SUP supports. Included with 3 ”vertical supports. Sold separately on 12 “and 6” scales.

Additional information

Weight 10433 g
Dimensions 267 × 43 × 33 cm

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